Let us help you bridge the cultural differences between Japan and the West.

Cultural Advice

Although in many respects Japan is a Western society, communication with Japanese people does not necessarily follow the same template. Misunderstandings may occur without knowing the proper etiquette, but can be just as easily avoided with the help of a professional Japanologist. We will assist you in finding a suitable solution for your business.

Market Research

The Japanese market is host to many of the same needs as its Western counterpart. However, in order to conduct business effectively, an understanding of the finer nuances is necessary. A Dutch publishing company once tried to approach several of Japan’s largest publishers by sending them samples of a new concept they had developed. After much time had passed, they asked a translator to assist. Here, the Dutch publisher learned that their samples had been shuffled around various departments, as they had been delivered to the general posting address accompanied only by an English introduction, and, more importantly, they learned that their concept already existed in Japan.

It is important to understand the market before making an approach. The concept you intend to market may well become a success, but the assistance of professionals with the proper know-how is essential. We would love to talk to you about your ideas, so please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.

Market Acquisition

Are you planning to expand your business onto the Japanese market? We will help you find the right people in the right companies, forge new relationships and help you maintain close ties with your on-going clients. If you send us an e-mail with your goals, we will help you formulate a strategy on how to achieve them.