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Japanese translation services

Thank you for visiting Iki Translations. We offer a variety of Japanese language services, including interpretation, text translation and localization. Iki Translations was established by two Japanologists, and strives to facilitate smooth and effective communication between Japanese and English-speaking parties, be it through interpretation, translation, or otherwise. You can contact us through the contact form for a free price quote, or for any other questions. We will reply within 24 hours.

Accurate Japanese Translations

Accuracy is at the core of a good translation. We make sure that your message comes across the way you intended. We always consider your situation, cultural differences and the other party when working on a translation. In most cases, a translator will be less familiar with the subject than the other parties. In order to bridge this gap, we familiarize ourselves with the relevant (technical) vocabulary.

Trustworthy Services

Essentially, translation comes down to the transfer of information. Normally, neither party is in the position to check the actual content of the translation. This is why we believe it is absolutely necessary that the translator can be trusted blindly. We understand how important your work is to you, and will under no circumstances make any concessions.

Professional Advice on Japan

We guarantee swift and professional service, and maintain proper communication with our customers. When we started Iki Translations, our goal was to take on challenging translation work, and we aim to construct a long-lasting and successful relationship with our partners.

The Founders

Iki Translations was founded in 2014. Our goal is to bridge cultural gaps and improve communication between parties based in Japan, the Netherlands and English-speaking countries.



Milan van Berlo

A true linguaphile, Milan (28) started studying Japanese at Leiden University in 2006. During his studies, he has spent two years living and studying in Japan in Fukuoka and Kyoto. He obtained his Master’s degree in 2014 with a focus on historical linguistics. Milan has experience as an interpreter and as a translator in various fields.



Martijn Heule

Martijn (29) majored in Japanese Studies at Leiden University. During his studies he spent two years in Japan (Nagasaki and Kyoto) and obtained his Master’s degree in 2012. Before co-founding Iki Translations, he worked as a free agent, gaining experience as a professional translator and interpreter.


We work with a small team of freelancers in order to guarantee the quality of our translations, and to expand our range of services.

In order to guarantee and improve our level of service, we have a core team of freelancers that help us deliver quality translations in both Japanese and Chinese. A good translations is one that is checked by a native speaker. The native speaker checks the translation for expressions in the target language that may have fallen out of use, and improves the general readability of the document.
In addition to Japanese, Iki now offers Chinese translations as well. Because Milan and Martijn do not speak Chinese, we cooperate closely with our team of freelancers for Chinese translations and native checking.

To learn more about our team, please visit the About Us page.